Tuesday, November 28, 2006


What's better than hot pumpkin pie jammed into your oozing belly on top of all that turkey and stuffing? 15" of powder 2 days after all the leftovers are gone, that's what!

Yeah, our first 4 days of the 06-07 Steamboat Ski Season were seriously anticlimactic: too much sun and not enough groomers. But today we all woke up with much bigger smiles on our faces. And for me, a killer reason to write!

Dump-a-gé! Supposedly it's not supposed to stop until some time late on Wednesday. Not as in-shape for it as we gym-addicts were last year, the depths took their toll on us early today and we had to come down around 10:30 for some major-muscle-group relief. But we'll be back up bright and early tomorrow...

Until then, keep on dumping!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

RAMP IT-Stage 4

Hot Damn, we came home from California to an absolutely wonderful thing: we're under cover and the snow has melted (some)! The addition looks great and we're super excited to have the finishing touches put on- shingles, paneling in the front, side panels to keep the snow out, and maybe a decorative touch or two!

The neighbors are jealous! Stay tuned for a completed-look when all the details are ironed out!