Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mohakie Makes Action Magazine!

In last month's issue of Action Magazine, next to an article on a Breckenridge (mono)Ski Holiday is this picture of the staff writer, Beth Livingston, a recreational therapist from San Diego, and a a dog... OUR DOG! Mohawkie IS the photogenic one... see the link above for the wider view. :) Send good vibes to Mohawkie, now 10, for her to "live forever" as Craig always says. :)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Texas or Bust! The Abilities Expo Takes Off in San Antonio...

Once again, many innovative designs and great ideas make the stage at the San Antonio Abilities Expo, a new city on the Abilities Expo circuit. For a pilot expo, San Antonio's drew a moderate crowd of 2000 over three days, but in time will build momentum to match some of the premier stops on Abilities' list such as New York, which sees about 12,000 visitors over the three days, according to event organizer Veronica Gonello.

Each expo is different by year and by state, according to the participating businesses and non-profits at the expo. This particular expo in San Antonio had a wonderful sports arena inside the expo, and the San Antonio Parks and Rec Adaptive Program had a show-and-tell for nearly all of the fifteen adaptive sports programs they offer in town. Craig got to participate in basketball, (which he said seemed a lot like exercise!) and we watched volleyball, fencing, and soccer to name a few! This hit close to home for us, as our second guidebook on all adapted sports and recreations comes out this April and, and this expo allowed us to see some of these (such as fencing) that we've written about but not yet tried. An angry wheelie with a sword... keep me out of THAT ring!

Some of our pictures and videos are posted on our webpages, click the links below to see those additional highlights of the sports and exhibits we saw in Tx. And stay tuned for more Abilities Expos to come!

April 25-27, Edison NJ (12,000 visitors, the biggest of them all!)
June 15-17, Anaheim, CA
Sept 7-9, Minneapolis, MN

The Abilities network puts on about four expos per year, and so far the only one that's been a reliable location is the NY area. To help host an Abilities Expo near you, contact Carmen Jones 703-920-0225; email: