Monday, October 24, 2011

NY City Mayor steps into the battle zone with visitors and locals with disabilities

Hot off the press from United Spinal – we at Access Anything fully support equal access for all travelers, and think Bloomberg has gone way too far with this one.  Join us in speaking up against his ignorance.

New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg has recently made incredibly offensive remarks directed at wheelchair users who want greater access to the city’s yellow taxi fleet.
Bloomberg stated that “it’s too dangerous” for wheelchair users to hail a cab in New York City and that most drivers would “pretend they didn’t see them”. He also said wheelchair users “sit too far from the driver to establish a dialogue” and therefore “they would not tip well”.
It’s time to call out the offensive remarks of Bloomberg by showing your support for a fully-accessible NYC taxi fleet. Sadly, only 231 of the city’s 13,000 taxis are accessible to wheelchair users. The New York Daily News is taking an online poll regarding the desirability of accessible taxis.
Read the NY Daily News article here – and VOTE to give riders with disabilities a chance
United Spinal has advocated for accessible taxis in New York for many years. But this fight reaches far beyond the city’s front lines. If NYC creates an equitable system of accessible public transportation then other cities both small and large will follow.
You need not be a New York resident to take the survey as it affects our entire community. So please let your voice be heard by taking this important survey that only takes a few seconds to complete.
Background reading on this issue:

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Rule Strengthens Protections for Americans with Disabilities at Rail Stations

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today announced that individuals with disabilities will have greater access to intercity, commuter and high-speed train travel as a result of a new rule requiring new station platform construction or significant renovation to enable those with disabilities to get on and off any car on a train.

“This will help give passengers with disabilities better access to rail travel across the country,” said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “By putting this protection in place, passengers with disabilities will be able to get on and off any accessible car that is available to passengers at a new or altered station platform.”

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is amending its Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations to require intercity, commuter and high-speed passenger railroads to ensure, at new and significantly renovated station platforms, that passengers with disabilities can get on and off any accessible car of the train.  Passenger railroads must provide level-entry boarding at new or altered stations in which no track passing through the station and adjacent to platforms is shared with existing freight rail operations. 

For new or altered stations in which track shared with existing freight rail operations precludes compliance, passenger railroads will be able to choose among a variety of means to meet a performance standard to ensure that passengers with disabilities can access each accessible train car that other passengers can board at the station. These options include providing car-borne lifts, station-based lifts, or mini-high platforms. 

The Department will review a railroad’s proposed method to ensure that it provides reliable and safe services to individuals with disabilities in an integrated manner. 

The rule also requires that transit providers carry a wheelchair and occupant if the lift and vehicle can physically accommodate them, unless doing so is inconsistent with legitimate safety requirements.  In addition, it codifies the existing DOT mechanism for issuing ADA guidance and makes minor technical changes to the Department’s ADA rules.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

If you can't beat em', cycle beside 'em

On August 26th forty of the top Paracycling riders will descend on Steamboat Springs, CO to participate in one of the premier Paracycling races.  The race will be a fast 4.07 mile time-trial. Racers will compete in front of thousands of bicycle enthusiasts just prior to the finish of the USA Pro Challenge. These athletes come from all over the US, but they all have one thing in common…sheer determination.  These athletes, many wounded veterans, make it a practice to focus on their “abilities” rather than their “disabilities” and they don’t leave anything on the course. This is a must see event for the whole family.

Race begins at 1:30 on 6th street at the US Pro riders finish bay..... But that's not all:

Following that is the STARS Biking the Boat Charity Ride on Saturday August 27th....

Join STARS to participate in your own biking experience after experiencing the US Pro Tour Steamboat Stage Race. Choose the 26 mile ride (click HERE for map) through the scenic back roads of Routt County or participate in our 5 mile All Abilities ride (click HERE for map)to raise money for people with disabilities. Participants will ride alongside 40 of the top handcyclists and Paralympians in the country. Monies raised will stay in Routt County to benefit ‘STARS’ Steamboat Adaptive Recreational Sports.

Sign up to ride and challenge your friends to sponsor you or to ride with you!

Start time: Long Ride 11:45, Short ride 12:00

Registration: All Ability ride - $25.00 per person

Challenge Ride - $50.00 per person

Riders raising $500 or more receive a jersey and a ticket to the USA Pro Challenge Steamboat VIP tent at the finish of the race on August 26th. Great prizes for top fundraisers!

Registration includes a t-shirt, goody bag, after ride party with food and drink.

Volunteers and limited adaptive equipment will be available for riders needing extra assistance.

Registration now open.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Atlantic Southeast Airlines Fined for Violating Rules Protecting Air Travelers with Disabilities

Office of the Governor Rick Perry
    Committee on People with Disabilities
DOT 84-11

Monday, July 11, 2011

Atlantic Southeast Airlines Fined for Violating Rules Protecting Air Travelers with Disabilities

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) today assessed a civil penalty against Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA) for violating rules protecting air travelers with disabilities.  The carrier was assessed a $200,000 civil penalty of which up to $75,000 may be used to improve its service to disabled passengers above levels required by DOT rules.

“Passengers with disabilities have rights and they have a right to be treated fairly and with respect by the airlines,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “We will continue to take enforcement action when our disability rules are violated.”

The Air Carrier Access Act of 1986 requires airlines to provide assistance to passengers with disabilities in boarding and deplaning aircraft, including the use of wheelchairs, ramps, mechanical lifts or service personnel where needed. 

During June 2010, the Department’s Aviation Enforcement Office conducted a review and inspection at ASA’s Atlanta offices and airport operations of the carrier’s compliance with Department consumer protection requirements.  The Enforcement Office reviewed, among other things, disability-related complaints received by the carrier from January 2009 through May 2010.  That review revealed a number of violations of the rules requiring assistance to passengers with disabilities who use wheelchairs.

Of the $200,000 penalty, up to $35,000 may be used to relocate passenger lifts that have been acquired by ASA to airports that the carrier serves in order to supplement and improve enplaning and deplaning services.  Up to $40,000 may be used by the carrier to conduct audits and surveys to ensure that its employees are complying with the airline disability rules.

The consent order is available on the Internet at, docket DOT-OST-2011-0003. Link to Press Release;

Monday, July 11, 2011

Telluride Adaptive - Hiring

Job Title:                          Development and Special Events Associate
Responsible to:                Executive Director
A.       Event Management:  Manage key fundraising events throughout the year including annual Golf Tournament (September), Goin’ Cowboy at the Opera (March), and multiple smaller events as they arise.   
a.       In consultation with the ED, provide lead management role in all event logistics.
b.      Create and adhere to specific budget guidelines for each event.
c.       Working with the volunteer coordinator, recruit and manage volunteers to assist in event roles.
d.      Oversee procurement of auction items for both the Golf Tournament and Goin’ Cowboy events.  
B.      Resource Development:  Support general resource development work
a.       Maintain a proactive, creative, leadership role in the cultivation and solicitation of individual, corporate, and foundation contributors.
b.      Identify potential sources of grant monies and advise the ED for grant application preparation.
c.       Write grant proposals in conjunction with the ED as needed.
d.      Prepare regular fundraising reports.
e.      Review and update TASP information on charitable giving websites, as well as sites maintained by other agencies as appropriate; including social media sites.

C.      Outreach & Communication:  Promote TASP’s mission and business operation in the community and beyond
a.       Build and maintain media relationships
b.      Contribute to the production and delivery of the monthly e-newsletter, social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blog
c.       In conjunction with ED and program staff, develop, monitor and execute TASP’s outreach and marketing plan
d.      Working with the ED, create and distribute all letters of thanks, and letters to the editor as appropriate
e.       Maintain donor database-Giftworks
D.      Other:
a.       Provide administrative support to program staff
b.      Back-up phone assistance
c.       Participate fully as a member of the TASP staff team
d.      Other duties as identified

·         Exhibit high level of energy, enthusiasm and initiative
·         Bachelors degree preferred
·         Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communications skills
·         Proven ability to manage auctions and other event fundraising work
·         Ability to work a flexible schedule; evening and weekend work required
·         Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
·         Demonstrated computer proficiency: Microsoft Word, Excel, Database Entry, Constant Contact and Internet experience required
·         Poses maturity, poise and confidence, high level of personal relation skills and a comfort level when interacting with people from diverse backgrounds 
·         A valid Driver’s License; must verify own auto insurance

Salary Range:  DOE
Status:  Full time, ¾ year round with possibility of full time, year round.  
To Apply:  Please forward resume, three professional references, and a writing sample to by Friday, July 22nd.  

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Skateboard Park-No Barriers

Mark Deschamp gets a lesson in the park on the last day of NB2011!
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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Ragin the Downhill@No Barriers

Funnest activity here yet! Thanks Adaptive Sports Center and Chris Read, we have GOT to get down to the Butte sometime soon!!
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Road handcycling@No Barriers

Handcycling this morning, hitting the mountain this afternoon...
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Friday, July 01, 2011

No Barriers 2011

Reactive Adaptations' suspensions are saaweeeeet
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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Denver cabby license revoked for service-animal cruelty


A Colorado cab driver has been suspended from his job after forcing a blind woman to stow her seeing-eye dog in the trunk because of his pet allergies.

Denver resident Judie Brown was confused when the cabbie told her that the dog had to ride "in the back" of the cab because of he was allergic. When she asked, "Where in the back?" the driver responded "In the trunk," Brown told ABC News affiliate in Denver KMGH 7.

Late for an appointment, Brown reluctantly agreed. The black lab, Alberto, who has been Brown's service dog for four years, whined during the entire ride in the trunk. "It was terribly wrong," Brown said of the situation, and the law is on her side: Colorado state law protects service dogs and their owners, allowing them to ride together in taxis and public transport.

The driver, whose name hasn't been provided by Union Taxi, has since been suspended and fined by the state for violating this law, according to KMGH 7. The cab company declined to comment to ABC News.The situation embodies a common conflict between those with dog allergies and those requiring service dogs for a disability.

Disability laws protect those with service dogs, but do not usually protect those with allergies. Taxi cabs and restaurants commonly pose a problem for those with service dogs, says Marion Gwizdala, president of the National Association of Guide Dog Users."Most states have criminal penalties for refusing access to service dogs, but one of the major issues is that generally there's ignorance of this law. The Department of Justice clearly states that allergies and fear of animals are not reasons to deny service animals -- unless the allergy rises to the level of disability," he says.If a cab driver can prove that his/her allergy to dogs constitutes a disability, then there would be a conflict as to whose rights are superior, Gwindzala says. But how often is a dog allergy severe enough to qualify as a disability?

Someone with asthma could have a severe asthma attack triggered by having a dog in the car, which could be threatening to his/her health, according to James Sublett, chair of the Indoor Environments Committee at the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. While most dog allergy reactions trigger milder symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing, and skin rashes, in severe cases, the eyes can swell shut with inflammation -- a reaction that would certainly affect one's ability to drive a cab, he says.Even for those with merely annoying symptoms, one ride with a dog could leave dander in the car for several weeks unless cleaned thoroughly, Sublett says. Given the laws that protect service dogs, what's an allergic cabbie to do?

"The driver has a reasonable right to avoid contamination of his cab with dog dander," says Miles Weinberger, director of the Pediatric Allergy and Pulmonary Division at the University of Iowa.However, he adds, the driver also has an "obligation to ensure that an alternative taxi is promptly available. Putting the dog in the trunk is not an acceptable alternative."

AA Comments:
If this happens to you, and you have time to do so, request another cab driver, or call the driver's manager.  Most managers will know your rights, but if they don't, always report it.

Often when we're traveling, we save the names and numbers of cab companies and drivers that have been helpful to us (or at least, not UNhelpful) so we'd recommend also doing this to areas where you frequently travel.  Keeping the personal card of a cab driver is good practice - often they will go out of their way to pick up repeating patrons, and always appreciate the reliable business. 

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


For many years now we've been following a group in Denver led by adaptive sporter John Vcelka, a longtime supporter of Access Anything's camps and travel guides.  John's dedicated a ton of his time and energy into sharing Colorado adaptive events through an emailed calendar, and he's finally turned this extensive list into a website we're super proud to share!!  John's expanded this list throughout the nation to make it as complete as it can me, an extremely impressive resource that you should all check out!   It includes events about sports, fundraisers, social events, news, equipment for sale, camps, etc specifically for people with disabilities.

While the site is still in progress, John's got over 800 events in 32 states from over 100 groups and foundations.  He is still entering more events every day, and will continue to send out emails about key events and reminders in addition to posting them here:

If you have an event that you would like posted, know of a group that puts on events that are not represented, or would like to give constructive feedback, please email John at

Please note:  This is a completely free website for foundations to post events and for participants to see them.  It is John's intention to provide one place for people with disabilities (any disability) to go to find activities to get them out of the house and active.

John's motto is "the more active you are, the more healthy you are and the happier you will be." 

This has been a major undertaking and we are very excited about what John has been completed so far.  Please show share this site far and wide!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No Barriers USA - Time is ticking down for signup!

We've been waiting two years for the return of NoBarriers since Miami in 2009, and we're so extremely excited to have this event coming to our neighbors in Winter Park.  The dilemma of whether to volunteer or just sign up as a participant is our biggest task now, we volunteered for the prior two and had an absolute blast, helping participants register, taking tons of photos, and adapting the sports we know and love!  Many of our community buddies will be at this event; of course the NSCD will be hosting many sports as the local adaptive program, our long time partners Adaptive Adventures will be hosting some of the cycling, No Limits Tahoe and Paradox Sports will be hosting the rock climbing wall and free climb (one of Craig's favorite activities at NB!), and our longtime friend Kevin Carr at Chosen Valley Creating Ability will be hosting the canoeing with his awesome inventions (it's hard to keep up with Kevins' inventions)!

If you're not on their list, go to No Barriers website now to sign up and get the news first hand. Here's their latest email: (since it doesn't fit in our template, view the page here)

small logo

Summit 2011 Innovation Village Brings Amazing Inventions to the Forefront!
No Barriers USA 
May 9 2011

Innovation meets Adventure: Inventions that rock at Innovation Village!

As some of you know, No Barriers Summit 2011 in Winter Park, Colorado is approaching quickly June 30-July 3. The Summit will bring together some of the hottest technologies, equipment and ideas that are helping people to shatter barriers. Whether you participate in one of the many Adventure Clinics, listen to one of our fabulous University speakers, or meander through Innovation Village, you'll come away with new tools to transform your life.    

This year Innovation Village will host a group of inventors that have stepped out of the box in order to make the great outdoors more accessible for all. On Friday afternoon, Summit attendees will enjoy getting to know some of the adaptive equipment being used in many of the adventure clinics. Several presenters will be showcasing their equipment that is allowing people with disabilities to be more adventurous. From new adaptive kayak seats to unique hiking crutches to cool all terrain handcycles, there is something for everyone.

Here are just a few of the people and technologies that will be at Innovation Village: 

Brad Z Climbing

Brad Zdanivsky has been a rock climber all his life, and breaking his neck didn't change that. After becoming a quadriplegic, he spent ten challenging years developing a device that would allow him to get back on the rock after his accident. After watching No Barriers co-founder Mark Wellman scale El Capitan in Yosemite, Brad reached a personal goal in 2005 when he summitted The Stawamus, a 2,297-foot face in British Columbia. 

 "The Beast"

In 2009 during our last Summit, world-class athlete Carlos Moleda lead our open-water swimming clinic with fantastic results for participants. This year Carlos will be bringing the Explorer II handcycle, known as "the beast", an innovative off-road handcycle from a Polish company Sport-On.

 SideStix Crutches 

SideStix is taking mountains by storm with their new "sport crutch." Sarah Doherty from SideStix Ventures will be talking about the different uses and models of this new adaptive technology that is perfect for activities during all seasons. SideStix is revolutionizing the ability to get outdoors for people with mobility and balance restraints.

One-Arm Freedom Paddle

First-time inventor Cindy Dillenschneider, a Professor at Northland College, will be presenting the One-Arm Freedom Paddle, a new technology for amputees who want to be more active in boating.

  Universal Seat Design for Kayaks

Kevin Carr, co-founder of Chosen Valley Creating Ability, will showcase his company's adaptive kayaking innovations; including the Universal Paddling Seat and a variety of paddle grips. Kevin has created this extraordinary yet simple technology to open the sport of kayaking to everyone.

Go to our Summit 2011 Innovation Village page to learn more.

Registration for Summit 2011 is Open

The Summit has SOLD OUT early in years past - so make your reservations now! (Rates go up after May 30th)

Remember to also book your lodging directly with Winter Park Resorts through our website to get the special lodging rates.

Summit 2011 Sponsors
Current as of May 9, 2011

Lumber Liquidators     Winter Park Resorts   Alteryx
 Evergreen Research         Bayer
     Intrado       Fisher


Board of Directors                                                       Staff
Erik Weihenmayer, Chair                                               Nicole Deters Spader 
Mike Savicki                                                                   Executive Director
Hugh Herr, Ph.D.
Mark Wellman
Bill Barkeley
Alexander Rabchevsky, Ph.D.
Jim Goldsmith, Director Emeritus

No Barriers USA is a powerful community of modern day pioneers who use the experience of nature to promote innovation, education and assistive technologies that create transformative life experiences and inspire people with challenges to live full and active lives.
Learn more at

No Barriers USA is a not-for-profit funded by donations and sponsorships.

Please make you contributions payable to: No Barriers USA

No Barriers USA
PO Box 27
Mound, MN 55364
Ph: 952.472.2400

 Find us on FacebookFollow us on Twitter

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No Barriers USA | PO Box 27 | Minneapolis | MN | 55364

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BLM Enters Into Memorandum of Understanding with Disabled Sports USA

To enhance the recreational use of public lands by the disabled, the Bureau of Land Management today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Disabled Sports USA. Recognizing the enormous value of promoting public-private partnerships that encourage people with disabilities to use public lands, the MOU creates a cooperative framework for programs and activities designed to increase the recreational use of public lands by disabled veterans and others with permanent disabilities.

“The Department of the Interior and the BLM are committed to ensuring equal access to outdoor recreation on public lands—particularly those activities that require specialized equipment or instruction,” said Deputy Secretary of the Interior David J. Hayes. “This MOU advances that important effort.”

BLM Director Bob Abbey added, “The long-term relationship the BLM and Disabled Sports USA established today will cultivate dialogue, generate ideas, and enhance access for persons with disabilities to outdoor activities on BLM-managed lands.” The MOU will remain in effect for five years, at which point the BLM and Disabled Sports USA can renew the agreement.

The demand for outdoor adventure and recreation activities for persons with disabilities continues to grow, and new equipment and access innovations are constantly expanding the possibilities for enjoyable, healthy, active, outdoor experiences. Additionally, veterans wounded and disabled in recent wars are increasingly seeking challenging outdoor activities to aid in their recovery and improve their quality of life. With this in mind, the BLM and Disabled Sports USA will use the MOU to jointly pursue projects and activities on public lands that are appropriate for persons with disabilities.

Moving beyond outdoor recreation, the MOU also aims to increase the participation of America’s wounded and disabled veterans and others with disabilities in the BLM’s public land-use planning process. This open process provides opportunities for persons with disabilities to engage in land management planning activities including access-enhancement projects and safety and environmental education programs.

Through this involvement, along with shared information, networking, and partnerships generated by the MOU, the BLM can incorporate ideas and innovation into policies, land-use plans, and permitting allocations while better accommodating and expanding opportunities for all—especially America’s disabled veterans and persons with disabilities.

“We at Disabled Sports USA welcome the MOU with the Bureau of Land Management as a way to promote recreation on our public lands for our nation’s disabled veterans and others with disabilities. Because of innovations in adaptive equipment and an increase in trained instructors, those of us with disabilities are  experiencing greater accessibility to public lands,” said Kirk Bauer, executive director of Disabled Sports  USA and a disabled Vietnam veteran. “This represents a wonderful opportunity to enjoy healthy, outdoor  activities on public lands.”

Disabled Sports USA is a national, non-profit organization established in 1967 by disabled Vietnam veterans  to serve the war injured. Through its national network of more than 100 chapters in 38 states, Disabled  Sports USA offers sports rehabilitation programs to anyone with a permanent disability, including targeted  programs for disabled veterans. In serving those with disabilities – from visual impairments and spinal cord injuries to multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and amputations – Disabled Sports USA facilitates recreational activities on both public and private lands. 

Under the MOU, the BLM and Disabled Sports USA will work together to promote outdoor recreation participation on public lands and foster health and fitness, independence, and social integration for veterans and other persons with disabilities. The benefits of participating in recreational activities – such as skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, sailing, and whitewater rafting – are proven to enhance individuals’ self-confidence, physical and mental well-being, and their quality of life.

To read the MOU, go to

To visit the BLM National Recreation Accessibility page, go to

To visit the BLM page dedicated to accessibility for disabled veterans, go to

To visit Disabled Sports USA, go to

Friday, March 25, 2011

Accessible Lodging in Paris

Great results from several years of surveying Parisian hotels; scroll down past the introduction and terminology of the survey to find the actual listings... condos, hotels, and even what we call "do-able" hotels!

Hats off to Howard Chabner and Michele DeShafor for compiling this!!

Must be time to visit Paris!?  Well guess what, we are!  September this year we'll be in Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris!  Any tips you can send us, send to!

Friday, March 04, 2011

United Airlines, taking baby steps

Thanks to United and Continental Airlines' ongoing merger, the latter has been dedicated to influencing the former to take baby steps in bringing access for all to the forefront of their customer service.

The latest update in this process is United's choice to add Continental's wheelchair information card to their website for customers who use wheelchairs and scooters to download, fill out, and attach to their mobility device to help protect its fragile areas.

Good job team!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Delta slapped with largest DOT382 (access) fine in history

Proving the government means to take DOT382 seriously, a fairly recent amendment to the Air Carrier Access Act (ADA of the skies), Delta was served a $2million fine this week for violations to this act.  View the official Press Release here.

Some of the fine will be allotted back into improvements to Delta's system for travelers with disabilities, such as improvements to jetway- and terminal-level access, enhancing booking specifics, and technology with their local vendors. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Equal Rights Center launches new campaign

The Equal Rights Center (ERC) is getting ready to launch an exciting new multi-faceted campaign – “What’s Wrong with this Picture?” – which will educate people across the nation on what civil rights mean for people with disabilities, and barriers to look for in accessibility. 

The focus of our campaign will be a ‘game,’ in which users are shown a picture and are asked to identify the inaccessible feature.  In this way, people with and without disabilities will have a fun and stimulating forum through which to learn more about what federal law mandates.  Users will also find additional resources on accessibility, an easy to use complaint form, and real testimonials from people with disabilities encountering accessibility barriers in their daily lives.

ERC is asking your help in gathering real testimonies.  The project will be made stronger through the voices of real people, with various disabilities, who can share their experiences.  The testimonies need only be one to two paragraphs, can include a picture or not, and can be submitted with a real name or anonymously.  They would also love to share any videos which you think would be appropriate – of personal testimony, or of civil rights issues in general for persons with disabilities.

Please pass this along to your list, staff, advocates, and community members to submit testimonies of barriers to accessibility, or stories of reasonable accommodations or modifications, by January 31, 2011.  The focus of the campaign is housing, but we welcome public accommodations and employment stories.

Please email or send your testimonials to:

Robyn M. Powell, Disability Rights Program Manager
Equal Rights Center 
11 Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 450Washington, D.C. 20036 
(202) 370-3210   

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

70 adaptive skiers and instructors swarm Steamboat

Despite the chilling under-zero temp under frosty skies, the 6th Annual All Mountain Ski Camp with STARS and Adaptive Adventures kicked off with success yesterday.  Over 70 adaptive skiers, riders, volunteers and instructors got a late start due to the unusually cold weather, but had a great warm up day overall, dialing in equipment for the varying conditions- and there was certainly powder to be had today!!

After a sweet filling breakfast for the troops from the Egg and I,  we spent the morning with the advanced monoskiers, finding the stashes as usual, leftover from Sunday's two feet of fresh.

After lunch, in the incoming snow and even colder temps, I took a few laps with the three trackers, gliding down the Daze with big GS turns.

Tomorrow's weather poses an even colder threat, but warming up by Thursday for a glorious day in the backcountry with Powdercats.

With STARS hosting the camp in full swing this year, and with a plethora of newly trained volunteers along with the highly experienced team they've had for a few years, the support for the 6th annual installment of the adult ski camp has been incredible.

This year's camp hosts over a dozen wounded warriors and their families, more than any other year in Steamboat.  Thanks to our troops!

And three more days on Steamboat's slopes!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Website Release for the New Year!!

Happy New Year!!  We're celebrating with a totally new website!'s new look is based on the Word Press design platform with the help from SEO expert Aaron Bailey with eLink Web Solutions, and frees us up to make changes regularly to keep our readers as up to date as possible!  We're excited, after 7 long years, to finally have this long overdue face-lift for our online home.

We hope you find the site is easier to navigate to access to our tools, media, and references.  Above all, Access Anything strives to be a valuable resource for travelers with disabilities through our experience, network of friends in the industry and our library of guides, articles, links, and blog posts on the web.  

So if you haven't, please sign up for our quarterly publication The Traveler there. We never share our email list, and always send 12+ packed pages of exciting travel information such as newly accessible destinations, rising PWD-catering companies, adventure sports highlights, and much much  more. 

New design

Buh-bye old design- thanks to TripstreamTV and JDB Technology for 7 great years on the web!