Monday, April 16, 2007

AA: I Can Do That! Release!

The book is finally here, (well, on its way here!) and is for sale online at Access Anything, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Outskirts, and by order through any local book store. Where will our 2007 book tour take us?? Anywhere and Everywhere, USA!

April 26-28, Abilities Expo, Edison NJ
May 4-6, Book signing and celebratory party, Washington DC
May 24, Off the Beaten Path Book Store, Steamboat Springs, CO
June 15-17, Abilities Expo, Anaheim CA
June 18-28, CA Rehab Hospital Tour
June 28, Craig Speaks to the MATPRA 2007 Media Marketplace, VA
June 29-July 2, No Barriers Festival, Tahoe CA
July 13, Craig Hospital 100th Anniversary Event, Book signing, Denver CO
July 21, ICDT Book party, Steamboat Springs CO
August 8-10, Behind the 'Boat Waterski Camp, Steamboat Springs, CO
August 25, ALS Expo, Denver, CO
September 5-10, Abilities Expo, MN
November 15-17, World Congress on Disabilities Expo, Philadelphia PA
December 5, TASH Conference, Seattle WA

Email us to visit your area or rehab center!

Access Anything: I Can Do That! is the second in a series of guidebooks that encourage people with disabilities to travel and adventure to their hearts' content. First in this series was Access Anything: Colorado (Fulcrum Press, 2005), the hub for all information on traveling to Colorado with a disability.

I Can Do That! is more of a reference guide, geared for both travelers and industry professionals, with 45 sports' histories and rules of adaptation, complete disability-travel information on 6 modes of travel, and 6 motivational interviews with famous adaptive athletes and advocates. Travelers with Disabilities will call this their adventure bible, travel industry professionals will call it their office's best resource for booking trips for TWD.

Get your copy now!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Access Anything Makes NBC, MSNBC, and!

For months, Tom Costello of NBC's Nightly News has been telling us the clips they took of us in January would be on the Today Show, sometime between then and April. The longer it took, the more leary we got, until we realized the dates would coincide with our second book, Access Anything: I Can Do That!'s release and it might be perfect timing afterall!

Much to our chagrin, Tom's head producers have decided not to pick up the story, but he did us the favor of sending it through the grapevine anyway, and it made NBC's Weekend Edition on Saturday (3-31) and MSNBC's Weekend Roundup. It also made's videos, so we're thrilled for some exposure, and pray it brings us some hits.

Thanks Tom for this opportunity to be highlighted by your talented team!

Check out the video here!