Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Access Anything - new image! - and big thanks to our Web magicians along the way!

Access Anything has a new web template for the new year!  But it made us want to extend our deepest thanks to those who have helped mold our presence on the internet over the past decade... without you, we wouldn't have had such an impressive following!

In early 2005, our dear friends Kurt and Kim Malueg at TripstreamMultimedia were generous to help with setting up our very first website and in doing so, truly laid the foundation of Access Anything's image on the World Wide Web!

At that point, we had developed our logo and were in the very final stages of publishing our first guidebook, and we had decided, through a business development process with our amazing business coach Travis Greenlee, to choose blue for our theme's coloring.

When (much to our chagrin) Tripstream moved from Steamboat to Wisconsin, we welcomed JDB Technology Solutions into our family (2008), and they hosted our site for the next three years, assisting us in building an online store so that we could sell the various items that we were promoting from our guidebooks to the accessible Eureka Freedom tent and various other items we used and tested, some of which were presented on our product testing blog.

In late 2010, our old friend Aaron Bailey stepped in, newly at Elink Web Solutions and eager to lend a hand with switching AccessAnything.net into a Word Press platform that we could manage ourselves. As a result, our site also became interactive, with widgets for our YouTube and Flickr pages and various blog RSS feeds.  We were updating the site so often that this gave us control to do this ourselves!

And welcome 2013!  Because Access Anything has taken a backseat in our busy lives and is an online resource only (and therefore has no income generally) we have moved it over to Weebly, where Andy's small Web business resides.  Thanks to Aaron's hard work on a great initial design with Word Press, the layout is virtually the same, so all the usual places for your favorite links are still reliably at your finger tips!   Access Anything will continue to be an online resource for Travelers with Disabilities for as long as we are adventuring ourselves; peers still send us their links for the Resource page, Blog post ideas and content, and we still love posting our images and videos for the readers to see that it is truly a magnificently expanded world for Go Anywhere, Do Anything!

We have great gratitude for all of these amazing people who have helped us along the way. It's been a wonderful decade of change, growth, inspiration, adventure, and learning. Thanks to all of those who have been a part of this with us!!

Check out the new digs: