Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Spoiled at Steamboat Again

There's nothing quite like getting a full morning of skiing in before hitting lunch, but a gourmet lunch? Come on! We got in our staple GS turns this morning while my parents had their virgin experience on snowy Mt Werner (they stick to summer visits but we convinced them to come out for Carnival).

Steamboat's Gourmet Snowshoe Hike is not to be missed. I managed to get this hike in about 8 years ago when it went all the way in to Ragnars' along Duster, but the Ambassadors now only do that hike on Monday- it proved to be tough for many flatlanders not only because the hike out was long, but the hike back was even longer after a glass of wine! (Or two!)

It makes so much more sense to do this tour with Hazie's now, as they do, so that when you're done, you just ride the Gondola down. The trails is just as fun if not more so, it doubles as the nature trail in the summer and gives a great view of the entire mountain and surrounding ones. And those really-in-shape people can still do Ragnars on Mondays!

I must say I'm super proud of my parents, they are in very good shape for early-60's, and they have never been on snowshoes. We got to meet up with them for lunch at Hazie's, which was absolutely divine. Mushroom barley soup, a huge salad bar, unique shepherds pie, and homemade chocolate macaroons. You can't beat that! It just goes to show that Steamboat can spoil anyone- skier or summer lover- in any season of the year. I know we'll convert the folks to winter once they see the Carnival!

A special thanks to the welcoming, friendly staff up at Hazies, (of course, this is Steamboat!), as well as John and Robb of Ambassadors for taking such good care of the Jehn's.

Talk to STARS about adapting this fabulous tour! Hazie's is accessible to manual chairs, and nordic ski rigs can be rented!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Surehands assistive lifts in more hotels each year!

As the needs of travelers with disabilities are more and more recognized by the travel industry, amenities grow and evolve as well. We're excited to watch an increasing number of hotels add assistive lift devices to their rooms for travelers who have limited mobility and need help getting in and out of bed as well as the pool.

SureHands is one company who's got their eye on this rolling ball! Their lift devices are top knotch, and include intricate track systems, supportive slings, cups or frames, frictionless slides, and prone-style trollies that are geared for all needs from independent and assistive living to institutional use. Only recently did these top-end systems start making their way into the hotel industry, and already SureHands is gaining momentum with this great idea.

SureHands has taken on Las Vegas by storm, and has had a welcoming response from the Bellagio, Treasure Island, Mirage, Both Wynn Properties and the new luxurious ARIA at the City Center. Next time you're in Vegas, make sure to check them out!