Friday, November 30, 2007

Opening Day Ceremony: Christie Peak Express

Amidst snow guns a-blaring, a line full of smiles and chilly noses, and muted clapping by gloved hands, the Christie Peak Express opened today as promised- with Craig on the first chair. They even waited until chair #1 came around, its cushioned liner brushed off of fresh man-made snow, roomy enough for six and a speedy ride to the top. The long line of Steamboat locals and Olympians, including Billy Kidd and Nelson Carmichael, was surrounded by staff, fans, and the media.

Super excited to take first chair, despite mechanical difficulties with his binding, Craig made a full, complication-free run down Vagabond to the remodeled base, and immediately called the Revolution factory to replace his ten-year old binding system. Nothing a little duck-tape can't help for the moment, though. The chilly cloud covered day promises snow, so keep your fingers crossed and your dials tuned for more ski season updates!

For full picture sequence, go to our Kodak Gallery.


Also see Andy's Straight Talk starting Saturday December 8th and continuing on Thursdays! Click on Snow Report on the newly designed for those.

if the video doesn't load, visit our you tube site for another copy of it.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gearing up for Ski Season!

Craig is proud to lead the launch tomorrow during Steamboat's opening day's ceremonies of the new Christie Chair Lift with an all-star cast of olympians and supporters who purchased chairs from the old lift! First chair on opening day is an honor, and truth be told we don't normally ride on opening day although we should, as it doubles as "scholarship day" for the Steamboat Winter Sports Club and is not a pre-paid day for season pass holders. Tickets are a $15 donation charge for skiing that day, and this year scholarship day was supposed to be on November 21st last week before Thanksgiving. Due to snow the date was pushed to tomorrow, Friday November 30th.

In addition to tomorrow's ski area opening, Steamboat is proudly launching the brand new Christie Peak Express, a six pack lift that now departs from the front of the base, bends and picks up additional skiers at it's mid point, and stops at the top of Christie Peak. The lift replaces an old three-person lift that picked up skiers just above Slopeside grill, on the northwest side of the base.

So why is Craig riding first on this opening chair, before attending olympians even?

The old chair was used as an auction for a fundraiser for STARS, Steamboat Training Adaptive Recreational Sports, a new non-profit that will soon take over Steamboat Adaptive, still in it's fledgling stages of an advisory board (which Craig is on), planning, and fundraising. Steamboat Adaptive is the town's only recreation curriculum for visitors and locals with disabilities and STARS' goal is to expand the options well beyond skiing and snowboarding for this group of adventurers. Steamboat Adaptive is also ski-area funded, and by changing the monetary flow to a non-profit, the 30-year old program can grow well beyond what it is currently capable of. The ski area and STARS will continue to partner once the transition occurs (no set date as of yet), and work together to bring Steamboat's many recreational assets to people with disabilities.

Look for more photos tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

World Congress on Disabilities

Stay tuned for a full report in our upcoming newsletter on the WCD in Washington DC from November 15-17; but our highlights were:

Discussing improvements on accessibility with the airline representatives from Continental, Delta, and American.

Watching championship matches of wheelchair soccer!

Seeing the newest advancement in wheelchairs made from airplane metals, the Flight Ultralight Wheelchair:

Meeting Glaswegian Graeme and Ann from Triaid Inc, a company that makes a variety of tricycles for children, combining therapy and fun with one of the most reliable products on the market:

Look for two WCD Expos next year in 2008; Philadelphia in June and Jacksonville in November! Access Anything plans on attending both of these events, and is currently in the process of helping WCD organize adventure travel and recreation additions to this expo!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Myrtle Beach Additions

Myrtle Beach was fabulous and please stay tuned for articles in upcoming magazines for highlights on the area. I'm happy to report that resorts, golf, mini golf, the beach, and night clubs are all catering to people with disabilities.

In conjunction with the Winter edition of Palaestra, I promised to post the current beach access points for people with disabilities:

MB has 150 Beach Access points, 31 of which are accessible, and more will be added each year.

29th S Emg. Beach Access
24th S
23rd S Emg. Beach Access
20th S
19th S
17th S
16th S Emg. Beach Access
15th S
12th S Emg. Beach Access
9th S (Walkway only)
3rd N
4th N
7th N
14th N (South end)
1600 N
1708 N
1800 N
2106 N
2408 N
2504 N
34th N
41st N
47th N
48th N
51st N
64th N
65th N
66th N
69th N Emg. Beach Access
75th N
76th N Hdcp Acces.