Thursday, November 01, 2007

Myrtle Beach Additions

Myrtle Beach was fabulous and please stay tuned for articles in upcoming magazines for highlights on the area. I'm happy to report that resorts, golf, mini golf, the beach, and night clubs are all catering to people with disabilities.

In conjunction with the Winter edition of Palaestra, I promised to post the current beach access points for people with disabilities:

MB has 150 Beach Access points, 31 of which are accessible, and more will be added each year.

29th S Emg. Beach Access
24th S
23rd S Emg. Beach Access
20th S
19th S
17th S
16th S Emg. Beach Access
15th S
12th S Emg. Beach Access
9th S (Walkway only)
3rd N
4th N
7th N
14th N (South end)
1600 N
1708 N
1800 N
2106 N
2408 N
2504 N
34th N
41st N
47th N
48th N
51st N
64th N
65th N
66th N
69th N Emg. Beach Access
75th N
76th N Hdcp Acces.

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