Monday, October 24, 2011

NY City Mayor steps into the battle zone with visitors and locals with disabilities

Hot off the press from United Spinal – we at Access Anything fully support equal access for all travelers, and think Bloomberg has gone way too far with this one.  Join us in speaking up against his ignorance.

New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg has recently made incredibly offensive remarks directed at wheelchair users who want greater access to the city’s yellow taxi fleet.
Bloomberg stated that “it’s too dangerous” for wheelchair users to hail a cab in New York City and that most drivers would “pretend they didn’t see them”. He also said wheelchair users “sit too far from the driver to establish a dialogue” and therefore “they would not tip well”.
It’s time to call out the offensive remarks of Bloomberg by showing your support for a fully-accessible NYC taxi fleet. Sadly, only 231 of the city’s 13,000 taxis are accessible to wheelchair users. The New York Daily News is taking an online poll regarding the desirability of accessible taxis.
Read the NY Daily News article here – and VOTE to give riders with disabilities a chance
United Spinal has advocated for accessible taxis in New York for many years. But this fight reaches far beyond the city’s front lines. If NYC creates an equitable system of accessible public transportation then other cities both small and large will follow.
You need not be a New York resident to take the survey as it affects our entire community. So please let your voice be heard by taking this important survey that only takes a few seconds to complete.
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