Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kickstart helps PWD relearn to walk

From Cadence Biomedical
Imagine if you could leave your wheelchair behind and get back to doing the activities you love again. Cadence Biomedical in Seattle recently created Kickstart, the world’s first Kinetic Orthosis to enable walking for those recovering from strokes, spinal cord injuries, MS and other neurological injuries. Unlike many braces, Kickstart provides stability as well as assistance with swinging your whole leg through by guiding and propelling your legs to move the way they are supposed to. Kickstart can offer users greater endurance to get where they want, a sense of confidence, and freedom to move - all without the expense of robotic devices.

Donna (a stroke survivor, travel enthusiast, and Kickstart user) had a stroke twenty years ago and couldn’t walk more than a block at a time. She relied on a Segway for mobility until she found Kickstart. With Kickstart, she has been able to increase her endurance (and longer uses a Segway) and reduce hip pain from improved gait.

“Kickstart has really changed my life.  I used to be kind of sedentary because I was trying to save myself from that hip replacement operation that I’m hoping I’m not going to have to have now.  So now I do three days a week adaptive PE, two days a week of OT clinic, and now I got my husband to commit to ballroom dancing.  We’re working our way up to that trip to China.”

“If I did any kind of walking at all, I had so much pain that I had to take a couple of naproxin.  So now I can go anywhere, I can walk most anywhere, and I can walk around the house without a cane – most of the time actually.  And I’m more stable when I stand up.”

Kickstart is custom fit to individual patients by Cadence-trained Orthotists across the country. Patients may use Cadence Biomedical’s Patient Contact Form to receive more information, or call directly at (206) 659-0614.

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