Friday, November 30, 2007

Opening Day Ceremony: Christie Peak Express

Amidst snow guns a-blaring, a line full of smiles and chilly noses, and muted clapping by gloved hands, the Christie Peak Express opened today as promised- with Craig on the first chair. They even waited until chair #1 came around, its cushioned liner brushed off of fresh man-made snow, roomy enough for six and a speedy ride to the top. The long line of Steamboat locals and Olympians, including Billy Kidd and Nelson Carmichael, was surrounded by staff, fans, and the media.

Super excited to take first chair, despite mechanical difficulties with his binding, Craig made a full, complication-free run down Vagabond to the remodeled base, and immediately called the Revolution factory to replace his ten-year old binding system. Nothing a little duck-tape can't help for the moment, though. The chilly cloud covered day promises snow, so keep your fingers crossed and your dials tuned for more ski season updates!

For full picture sequence, go to our Kodak Gallery.


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if the video doesn't load, visit our you tube site for another copy of it.

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