Wednesday, June 08, 2011


For many years now we've been following a group in Denver led by adaptive sporter John Vcelka, a longtime supporter of Access Anything's camps and travel guides.  John's dedicated a ton of his time and energy into sharing Colorado adaptive events through an emailed calendar, and he's finally turned this extensive list into a website we're super proud to share!!  John's expanded this list throughout the nation to make it as complete as it can me, an extremely impressive resource that you should all check out!   It includes events about sports, fundraisers, social events, news, equipment for sale, camps, etc specifically for people with disabilities.

While the site is still in progress, John's got over 800 events in 32 states from over 100 groups and foundations.  He is still entering more events every day, and will continue to send out emails about key events and reminders in addition to posting them here:

If you have an event that you would like posted, know of a group that puts on events that are not represented, or would like to give constructive feedback, please email John at

Please note:  This is a completely free website for foundations to post events and for participants to see them.  It is John's intention to provide one place for people with disabilities (any disability) to go to find activities to get them out of the house and active.

John's motto is "the more active you are, the more healthy you are and the happier you will be." 

This has been a major undertaking and we are very excited about what John has been completed so far.  Please show share this site far and wide!!

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