Friday, February 18, 2011

Delta slapped with largest DOT382 (access) fine in history

Proving the government means to take DOT382 seriously, a fairly recent amendment to the Air Carrier Access Act (ADA of the skies), Delta was served a $2million fine this week for violations to this act.  View the official Press Release here.

Some of the fine will be allotted back into improvements to Delta's system for travelers with disabilities, such as improvements to jetway- and terminal-level access, enhancing booking specifics, and technology with their local vendors. 

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scott said...

Candy Harrington has done a good job of providing context on DOT and Delta:

The core issue is that some still consider it acceptable business practice to to overlook an entire class of people as customers and merely tolerate team as nuisance. As long as this business ethic exists at management levels it will be manifest.