Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Eureka Tent sees Utah!

Recently we took the Freedom Tent from Eureka out to Utah to test out it's accessibility.

There are many traits to this tent that we found highly impressive:

The front vestibule is spacious enough for two wheelchairs, one wheelchair and a dog, one additional person to sleep, or all your excess gear, and is an excellent space for a changing room. The stiffened, sliding front door of this vestibule is one of the tent’s best features. It’s something we’ve never seen on a tent before, and found it very easy to use and a beneficial feature to this tent.

Another feature we found highly useful for campers with disabilities and their accompaniment is the second two inside window-doors to this tent. If there is a wheelchair in the front vestibule and the caregiver or partner needs to exit the tent in the am or during the night, these side doors are wonderful additions.

In addition, the pull tab zippers are excellent for all to use and could be added to all tents under the category of universal design. People with arthritis and other milder hand mobility restraints would also benefit from this design.

Overall we found this tent to be very spacious, and we loved sleeping in it for two nights. We highly recommend this tent to anyone with disabilities, as well as those with arthritis or anyone in need of additional storage and added features (such as the side doors) in their tent design.

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