Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dear Friend is Inducted...

Not that this club is the all-around best to be inducted to, but the SCI (spinal cord injury) club is a tight one. Wherever we go we recognize people we know, people who know people we know, or people who have heard of us or organizations we know. It's tightknit like a small community of friends who have been through the same life-altering experience, and when needed, it pulls together like a family.

On December 21, a cherished member of the PowderCats family suffered a T-1/C-7 spinal cord injury while snowboarding in the backcountry on fairly easy terrain. Dave Genchi, PowderCat's photographer and videographer and relatively-new Steamboat local, made a surf-turn off a rock and fell. The backpack full of equipment didn't help, but his helmet sure did. He split the darn thing in half, and without it, either wouldn't be with us today, or would have a serious brain injury on top of his spinal one.

Steamboat is rallying to Dave's side with many visits to the hospital, and by opening a foundation for donation at Wells Fargo Bank locally. We hope all our readers who have been through this will support Dave in his progress towards recovery. Because of the intense storms that hit Denver at the time of Dave's accident, he was brought to St Mary's hospital in Grand Junction. We have great news thought that Dave will be transferred to top-knotch Craig Hospital in Denver when his body is ready.

Dave, we hope you know that we are here for you, with all our hearts, prayers, and network, and will be encouraging you whole-heartedly to Go Anywhere, Do Anything when you're ready. Welcome to the club, however comforting that isn't, your network is ready when you are...

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