Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Flippin' Wheelchair Record

Stolen from the AP, we had to post this... Aaron Fotheringham has done it, he's rolled into the Guinness Book with his famous wheelchair flip that he's been doing for nearly 2 years. Now 16 years old, he's a master at it, and they had Guinness there this past Saturday at Doc Romeo Skate Park in Las Vegas to prove it.

Sponsored by Colours Wheelchairs and several other companies, Aaron's famous flip has been getting news for some time. But not until Guinness's notation of the trick did he and his family truly believe he was the first to accomplish such a feat.

Born with Spina Bifida, Aaron has used a wheelchair full time since he was 13 and first accomplished his famous flip into a gymnastics-type pit of foam only a year later. Ironically Aaron wasn't shooting for the first wheelchair flip, which Guinness awarded him, his goal was to accomplish the most consecutive flips in 45 seconds, proving that his standards are much higher than he's given credit for. But the entire Fotheringham family is pleased with his Guinness recognition, and he'll keep trying for more.

We should all be so aspirational...

Aaron, you SURE you don't want a GADA Belt???

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