Friday, May 01, 2009

Colorado Adaptive Travel Examiner

For those who haven't heard of The Examiner, it's a vast network of writers who have been hand-picked for their specialty by a team of experienced editors in your nearest-city location; ours for example is Denver.

Access Anything was recently accepted as the Colorado Adaptive Travel Examiner, and we've begun posting articles, and will post 3-4 per week. Based on the concept that everyone is an expert is something, Examiner posts include 25 categories from Arts to Travel, and then multiple sub categories under those- such as under PETS, Denver has a Horse Training, Dog Rescue, Green Pets, and Pet Health Examiner writing articles on their expertise topics.

The articles we've posted so far include Adaptive Recreation in Colorado, Colorado Camping in a Wheelchair, and One of the Oldest Hotels in Colorado is also Accessible; and one to post soon on Handcycling.

You can sign up as a feed through RSS to be notified when our articles post. We hope you make use of this free information location!

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