Friday, September 04, 2009

Help Access Anything Expand our Adventure Travel Programming!

Our dear friends at Adventure Passports have nominated us for the Shine A Light grant from American Express and NBC Universal. Please take 2 brief minutes to register with Shine A Light and endorse Access Anything as a nominee before September 13, 2009.

1. Click on the Register with Shine a Light link above and take a moment to register yourself as a voter. Our demographics matter!

2. Click on Access Anything above or search Access Anything on their site. In the top left corner of our bio page you will see a blue box that reads "Support this Story, Endorse Now" and after clicking that, the text "Your endorsement for "Access Anything - Access Anything Makes a Difference" has been recorded." should appear below that blue box.

3. Pass it on! We need 50 votes to be approved for nomination, and hundreds (1000!) more votes to win!

Thanks for helping to make a difference in northwest Colorado and beyond!

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