Thursday, June 10, 2010

Denver's Camp Discovery 2nd Annual Camp for Challenged Athletes is just one month away!

The second annual Camp Discovery, July 15-17th, is a Challenged Athletes Foundation Sports Camp for women in wheelchairs that is directed and founded by Denver’s Trish Downing, a spokesperson for Challenged Athletes Foundation and competitive athlete.

Camp Discovery’s two and a half day program at the Curtis Hotel in downtown Denver, Colorado. Activities include horseback riding, swimming, handcycling, swimming and a tour of an accessible home.

”I wanted a group of women who could, by sharing, begin to feel stronger, bolder and braver in their lives, not just vent to each other or create a pity party. In my mind, that meant adventure and excitement; opportunities to expand and challenge,” shares Downing.

After a car hit Downing while she rode her bike in Golden, paralyzing her from the waist down, she’s adapted her athleticism to include a wheelchair. Sports give Downing joy; now she’s sharing that with others.

Downing recounts, “I knew wheelchair athletes before I ever got hurt. I was a tandem pilot for a blind cyclist. I totally hung out with all these people and I started working with disabled athletes. When I got hurt, those people were calling me up and directing me – what hand cycle to get, what camp to do. But, most people don’t have that. Especially women.”

Camp Discovery is open to any woman in a wheelchair because of a spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, polio, or any other disease requiring the use of a wheelchair.

To sign up for this camp or to learn more about it, CONTACT Melissa Taylor at 303-564-7980 or Trish Downing at,

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