Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Partner with Access Anything to gain exposure

Access Anything Partner Opportunities 2015
Thank you for your interest in placing your information on the Access Anything Resource site. We have spent a decade building this resource in the hope that it provides an inspiration to people with disabilities around the world. Please view our About Us and Bio pages to learn more about the company’s history.
Because of our extensive work in the industry, our following is impressive and growing. As of August 2015, our website boasts 450-500 page views per month, our Twitter following is 155,000, our You Tube channel has 155 subscribers with over 105,000 total views, our blog has over 48,000 views, and our Facebook following is 1370 friends. For these reasons we feel our network is worthy of these 2015 updates. That said because our industry is still growing and we value our network and connections greatly, we have chosen to keep our fees low to encourage businesses to still participate in the Access Anything resource.

It is the intention of this resource page to be easy to read and navigate for all abilities. Therefore we only place Company Name with web link and short description if needed. No other information will be placed so please make sure your link and website are sufficient to help people.
Cost and Reciprocation
Because the company is no longer in daily operation and the website is a free online resource to those in need, as of 2015 we have started a nominal fee for placement on the site. The fee is to cover the upkeep and annual costs of maintaining and hosting AccessAnything.net.
Non profits: $5 one time – or free if you provide a link to AccessAnything.net from your site
For profits: $10 one time – or $5 if you provide a link to AccessAnything.net from your site
Changes/updates: $5 per change
Fees can be paid through Google, Paypal, or Square by using andyjkennedy@gmail.com as recipient.
If you do not have one of these accounts and need to use a credit card, the % fee will be applied.

Access Anything Blog
Our blog auto posts to our Facebook and Twitter pages, gathering thousands of unique clicks per month, 80-90% of which are first time viewers.
In protection of our brand and standards, guest writers are welcome to write for Access Anything blog as long as these standards are upheld:
·       300-500 word min/max with 1-3 photos and/or YouTube embed code
·       Include a short one-two sentence bio with a link to your website if you have one
·       Positive, uplifting, and informative topic and message
·       Minimal editing required – do your own editing please (typos, grammar, etc)
·       Educational information only - do not use this space to promote your own website or product.

Access Anything Advertising Opportunities
Advertisers will be invoiced directly, payments can be made by credit card, check, or through any of the payment methods above as well as Quickbooks/Intuit services.

Access Anything Website www.accessanything.net
The Access Anything site is hosted by Weebly in a template format which is not customizable, and we are not web designers. Therefore specific CSS or HTML design must be done on your end and either the code or the image must be provided to us, with a tracking code embedded if desired. We will simply be placing that code and image into our template with your link. We do NOT provide tracking on this ad, that is your responsibility. You are paying low costs for placement on a high traffic site only.  
Locations and cost – 3, 6 or 12 month commitments, billed monthly or at once per agreement.
Top banner, below scrolling images, 600x200 pixels, one only - $1000/month
Right column top, below search bar, 200x200 pixels, one only - $500/month
Central column bottom, below blog links, 200x200 pixels, limit two - $200/month
Right column bottom, below Facebook box, 200x200 pixels, limit two - $200/month
Right column half, next to Facebook box, 100x200 pixels, limit one - $100/month

Access Anything Blog Site - http://accessanything.blogspot.com/
Similar to the Access Anything main site, Blogger is a template and CSS, HTML, images, and tracking codes must be provided to us for placement. We not provide analytics of your advertisement.
Locations and cost 3, 6 or 12 month commitments, billed monthly or at once per agreement.
Right column top, 200x200 pixels, one only - $500/month
Right column mid, below search bar,, 200x200 pixels, limit two - $300/month
Right column lower, below blog archive, 200x200 pixels, no limit - $100/month

If you care to suggest an additional partnership, we are open to suggestions. Email us at ask@accessanything.net. Please allow 2-3 days for reply.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Access Anything!
Craig and Andy Kennedy
Based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

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