Monday, February 23, 2009

Travel Companions - Know No Bounds

One barrier we see a lot in the travel industry is in the companion corner. We say "Go Anywhere, Do Anything," but what if you need a buddy and don't have anyone to travel with?

Know No Bounds (and here)are the guys to make it happen. Owner Larry Adams paid us a visit today, sharing like ideas, goals, and drive for adventuring with disabilities. From seeing Niagra Falls to ski trips in Colorado, KNB have the mind for adventure and wants to give you the means to do so with five experienced guides who'll fit into your travel routine like glue.

In addition to making your traveling accessible to those who need a buddy (excuse the pun), Adams donates his proceeds to Make A Wish Foundation. His previous projects include the Maritime Challenge and Hole in the Wall Camps.

This is a corner of the market that isn't met, and we're thrilled to meet Larry and share his company with our network. They're just getting started, but already we're happy someone's making this a reality! Drop him a line of encouragement or referral at

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