Friday, February 27, 2009

Two Online Communities Worth Checking Out

Today's internet is a social networking BOOM. Everywhere you look there's something new to join, add your profile and photos and information to, and begin networking. It's not all as easy as it sounds, it can be time consuming finding just the right one for you and your business or your tastes.

Here's where we come in with our suggestions... we belong to more communities than we can count, and the two very best ones we've found for travelers with disabilities are in the Ning network, a home base for social networking where you can create your very own group for like-minded people like you!

The newest one is called the Accessible.Travel Community, created by one of our peers Craig Grimes, based out of Nicaragua and with extensive experience in travel and adventure travel for people with disabilities in not only South and Central America but in the European Union as well. Craig's dedication to bettering the online information for PWD shows in this community, a hub created for the traveler to share tips on accessible places he or she has been.

Accessible.Travel is for the traveler, the researcher, those thirsting for accessible information at their fingertips. In order for the information to grow, the network must grow, so we are sharing this new community so that it can do so. We hope you pay a visit and join. With already 105 members and growing, this is soon to be a vast resource and a great meeting location for like minded travelers with similar needs who seek travel locations without barriers.

The second social networking online community that we've been members of for over a year now is the TourWatch network of travel providers. This is a network of people and businesses who provide accessible travel to PWD as well as want to learn more about this market and how to better accommodate PWD and reap the rewards for doing so!

TourWatch has been a great place for us to meet and introduce new tour operators and service providers, and a nexus for informative forums, blogs, and communication on all levels of improving and further expanding this growing niche. We're excited to be a part of both now, and hope you take a look at TourWatch if you're a travel provider.

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scott said...

And I'm excited that you are both at Tour watch! Sorry to delay in commenting. I've been on safari in South Africa the past month - not always the best Internet connections in the bush!