Monday, June 22, 2009

Service Dog Survey

Service dog users, we need your help!

Access Anything is working with the Open Doors Organization and the
FAA to help every airport in the country establish doggie relief
areas both at baggage claim and in-terminal for larger and hub

We're excited for this project, and need your help with as many
statistics as we can get!

For members who travel with service dogs, if you have a moment to
answer our survey, we'd be obliged.

This is a safe link through GoogleDocs, please take the time to
click on it if you can.

Thanks so much!!
Access Anything

1 comment:

WildKat said...

I've been traveling with my guide/service dog since 2000. Hopefully relief areas at airports are right around the corner! It causes so much unneeded stress sometimes trying to find a place to relieve your dog when you are trying to get through an airport. Especially when you have to go through security and back to find a place!