Friday, July 03, 2009

I Can Do That on Blog Talk Radio

Our apologies! (And happy July!)

We've started a new radio show and failed to put it on our blog! You may have heard about it in The Traveler, our quarterly publication, on Facebook, or Twitter, but we're sure we neglected a large part of our readership by failing to post this new ship of fun we're embarking on here!

Blog Talk Radio is an online radio website, FILLED to the brim with great shows on every topic you can imagine.

Launched the first Friday in May, Access Anything's I Can Do That on Blog Talk Radio builds on the interview series and following guidebook of the same name. So far we've covered the Denver Woman's Wheeling Nuggets, Adirondack Adventures, Adaptive Golf, the No Barriers USA Festival, and Camping in Colorado. What's neat about BlogTalk is that old episodes are archived online and you can either listen there or download to your iPod through iTunes.

Today's topic is International Travel and I've spend hours upon hours building an awesome and extensive list of links for our listeners; I can't wait to share it all with you today. Call in to (646) 378-1419 at 3:30pm MountainTime (that's 5:30 Eastern) (3 Fridays of every month), or if you're starting your holiday weekend early like we wanted to, download this as a podcast on Sunday or Monday.

Next week's topic is back to home for us, covering Steamboat Springs and it's fab access in general, but we'll also be highlighting our sports camps, of which one is coming up! Look for a future post on that next week!

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Andy said...

sorry folks, we were SO excited to do this show today; apparently Microsoft wasn't playing nice with me; he ate 1500 words (or more) and 4 hrs worth of research just like THAT at about 3pm. check in next week, we won't skip this show!