Friday, November 13, 2009

@CaptionFish expands for the Blind

A revolutionary new website makes finding movies with captioning easy! As part of a massive effort to support entertainment accessibility for all people with disabilities, Captionfish launched in Beta format in May of this year with the goal of providing captioned film results for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Some highlights of the first beta release included:
  • Effortless Searching: Using its Instant CC Film Finder, Captionfish offers the easiest way for visitors to find captioned movie results within 30 miles of their location.
  • Comprehensive results: Captionfish's Instant CC Film Finder results can be customized for up to 7 days in the future or up to 60 miles away from a specified location.
  • Open Captions and Rear Window® identification: Captionfish provides easy to identify icons that distinguish between an Open Captioned or Rear Window® Captioned showing.
  • Mobile edition: Captionfish provides a mobile website optimized for mobile phones so deaf and hard-of-hearing visitors can find captioned movie results while they are on the go.
  • Closed Captioned Trailers: Captionfish links to a growing list of closed captioned movie trailers so the deaf and hard-of-hearing visitors can enjoy previews of current and upcoming movie releases.
  • RSS Feed for custom results: Captionfish enables an RSS feed so each visitor can check for the latest captioned film results using their preferred RSS reader wherever they like.
In August they improved upon their platform with these additions:
  • Theater Directory: Captionfish shares all its theater information with you. This allows you to discover theaters around you that are currently providing or have provided captioned showtimes. This also gives you an opportunity to let us know about theaters that we don't know about.
  • Movie Directory: We've opened up access to all of the movies and captioned trailers in our system. You're no longer limited to the titles that are playing in your area. We also give you early access to captioned trailers for upcoming movies, sometimes even those a few months out, like The Twilight Saga New Moon.
  • Map/Directions: Found in the Theater Directory pages, Captionfish provides maps and directions to help all visitors plan their trip to the movies!
  • Simplified Searching: The ability to change locations is now the most prominent feature. All visitors can search ANYWHERE in the USA to their heart's content!
And even more in October:
  • Blog: Follow Captionfish updates on our new blog.
  • Captioned Trailer Updates: Follow @cctrailers on Twitter or subscribe to our Movie Directory RSS feed to stay on top of all of the new captioned trailers that we're putting up.
  • Caption Type Filtering: Filter the showtime listings to movies that are being shown using your preferred caption type (Open Captioned, Rear Window® Captioned, or Show All, if you don't care).
  • Share Captionfish With Others: Let your family and friends know about Captionfish! Hand out flyers or place a badge on your blog and/or website!
This month they expanded yet again to include helpful information and now supports DVS (Descriptive Narration) in movie results! So now additionally people who are blind or have low vision can now filter their movie results to show just DVS movies by clicking the DVS only filter option. They hope this will help make finding movies easier, and empower them to make more informed consumer decisions to support theaters that proactively provide accessible solutions for the blind/low vision community.

  • E-mail notifications: Get e-mail notifications when Captionfish finds captioned showtimes in your area for the movie(s) that you want to see! Look for this feature in the sidebar next to every trailer that you view.
  • Revamped Movies Directory: We redesigned the movies directory page (now called trailer directory) to better organize and display all of our captioned trailers. New releases, upcoming movies, current showings, and previous showings are all listed separately in an easy to find format.
  • Captioned Movie Indicator: There are times when Captionfish has shown captioned trailers for movies that are released without captions, leading the visitors to think that movie will be released with captions. To prevent confusion, we now tell you which movies are, or will be captioned in the theaters. Each of the individual trailer pages has a note on the right sidebar under the movie poster that lets you know if captions will be, are, or were available for the movie in theaters.
  • Descriptive Narration Movies: Beginning Friday 11/13, Captionfish will start pulling in and listing movies that have descriptive narration (also known as DVS) which will benefit viewers who are blind or have low vision. You will also be able to filter on this on the results page!

Please pass this great service on to your list! Hurray for our friend Brendan in Seattle who has been helping CaptionFish to develop and grow! Please Tweet about them: @captionfish

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