Thursday, November 05, 2009

Colorado's Nine National Parks, A Closer Look

We've diligently spent the last 2 weeks building an online database for you of the nine National Parks in Colorado at our article hub on Examiner, and we're eager to share them with you! First, check out our article on the how-to's of National Parks for PWD where we discuss web information, discount passes, and the basics of this all-inclusive system in the U.S.

If you're anywhere in the state of Colorado, one of these national gems is near you. They're all accessible, some more so than others, so we've broken them all down in one place. See the rating system below.

1. Bent's Old Fort - moderately accessible, for the history and Old West buffs

2. Black Canyon of the Gunnison - greatly accessible with trails, campgrounds, and vistas

3. Colorado National Monument - moderately accessible with one campground and great views

4. Curecanti National Recreation Area - poorly accessible because the boat tour is the key component of this park, and having it not accessible is a bummer

5. Dinosaur National Monument - fully accessible, even the flight seeing off-site is! Awesome park!

6. Florissant Fossil Beds - moderately accessible, for the rock and fossil buffs

7. Great Sand Dunes - greatly accessible, dunes with assistance only, raised tent beds in campgrounds, awesome park

8. Mesa Verde - greatly accessible, most dwellings are viewable from a wheelchair

9. Rocky Mountain - greatly to fully accessible, some trails aren't but the options are plentiful

Access Anything's Rating System:

Not Accessible
- Really, just not.
Poorly Accessible - Doable with help, but poor access- meaning the bathrooms aren't accessible, or the parking isn't... it's missing something major, but the main site is ok.
Moderately Accessible - Most of it's accessible, but a few things (trails or campgrounds) aren't.
Greatly Accessible - 90-99% accessible, usually just one thing is missing.
Fully Accessible - Go looking, you won't find anything without universal design. Think Disney.

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