Friday, March 13, 2009

America's Most Rollable Cities

In a recent post we showed you our two favorite online communities for PWD interested in travel. This week one of them is hosting a poll for our collective opinion that we'd like your input on!

Based on an article our friend and colleague Craig Grimes saw titled "America's 10 Most Walkable Cities" from The Daily Green, he began to ponder if the 10 most walkable cities are also the most accessible for people with disabilities, and asked us to help get the word out...

Grimes intends to post a poll for Europe as well next week, so please weigh in on your thoughts about the US for us in the meantime. You have to sign in to post your vote, so if you choose not to do that, post your comments here instead and we'll pass them on. However, please keep in mind that this online community was created by your peers just for travelers with disabilities with a growing wealth of information to share, so we encourage you to join!

The poll is posted here:

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Andy said...

Looks like you can also go here to place your vote: