Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Webby Talents," a New Place to Post Your Videos

Webbytalents (WT) is a relatively new video-hosting site for people with disabilities. They've been open since February of 2008 and have gathered thousands of videos since then. We posted our first video to this site in January and it's already up to nearly 300 views.

In this day and age, we network with whoever we can to help spread the word of disability travel, so WT was a no brainer for us to join. The more places we're visual at, the more we help expand the awareness and share our experiences.

WT is a networking site as well as a posting site. You can accrue a long list of friends like you would on Facebook, vote on their videos like you can on You Tube, and even start your own groups like you can with NING. The site is open to any types of (appropriate) videos, and you are requested to share your type of disability (mobility, cognitive, seeing, hearing, etc). Despite whether you think this is "right" or not, we advise you to share if you're open to it so that others can network with you based on disability. As we all know, knowing a lot about one disability doesn't necessarily mean you know them all.

Like with YouTube and Facebook, you are not allowed to post videos that infringe on copyrights, such as using someone else's music for your background, or someone else's videos (a video of a TV show perhaps) or photos.

The site also features a search engine. Research done by typing tags, keywords.

Webbytalents is a space for exchange and sharing which allows:

  • To watch videos
  • Send and share your videos worldwide or with your family and friends
  • To publish your videos, your creations on your blogs, sites and your favorite social networks.
  • To discover new videos and meet people who share your sensibilities
  • Receive feedback from the community on your videos.

We can all become an agent of change and contribute to a better integration of disability in society. Webbytalents is a place that is made so that everyone can express themselves, learn, share experiences, present his association and raise awareness of disability worldwide.

We hope that you'll check out this growing forum for disability videos as we've done; we always felt ours got a little lost in the ginormous community of YouTube and are thrilled that someone has made a new home for ours!

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